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Boat holidays in Levantine Coast

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Opinions of our users
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    December 2021
    Hola, mi experiencia con Carlos, ayer fue inovidable, espectacular, he aprendido muchisimo, tambien he aprendido lo que es vital para la misma vida, que es ser disciplinado. Pero para una buena regata es imprescindible aprender todas las pequeñas cosas que hacen que seas efectivo.
    Una muy buena experiencia. Gracias
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  • avatar
    December 2021
    Aprendí con Luis en un fin de semana prácticamente toda la base de navegación a vela. No sólo el cómo, si no además el porqué. Luis sabe mucho, pero es que además es un excelente e incansable profesor y gran persona. Si te has sacado el PER pero no te has enterado de nada de vela Luis te lo contará.
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  • Mi experiecis fue excelente. Luis es un gran profesor, una gran persona y marino. Estpy animado a seguir con él otros cursos que él realice.
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    November 2021
    Carlos organizó un curso especialmente para nosotros. Mi marido y yo tenemos el PER ampliado y queríamos practicar vela y entradas a puerto. Fantástica experiencia y Carlos excelente en cada momento. Muy paciente y buen instructor. Excelente!
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  • avatar
    November 2021
    Salimos mi marido y yo con Carlos. Excelente experiencia. Él siempre dando buena instrucción y dejando que nosotros hiciéramos las maniobras. Tuvimos mucho viento así que practicamos vela, que era lo que queríamos. 10 puntos!
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  • avatar
    November 2021
    Genial experiencia! Carlos, súper paciente y muy bueno pasando su experiencia y conocimiento. Hicimos, el primer día, travesía hacia el Mar Menor, practicando maniobras y navegación a vela. El Segundo día Mar menor y luego hasta Torrevieja. Finalmente vuelta a Santa Pola con mucho viento y olas. Excelente experiencia!
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  • Como patrón y persona Luís es genial, atento y receptivo en todo momento. La formación me encantó, Luís nos hizo rotar por todos los puestos con explicaciones claras y concisas, vas aprendendiendo continuamente. Mis compañer@s muy buen@s. Muchas gracias y nos vemos pronto.
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  • Una navegada estupenda! Carlos es un experimentado patrón y mangnífico enseñando maniobras a bordo! En mi caso, quería repasarlas despues de varios años sin navegar....fue intensivo y divertido.....lo recomiendo para cualquier nivel de conocimiento previo. Además un grupo a bordo de primera, saludos cordiales, Enrique
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐Do you need people to navigate the Levantine Coast

    With Sailwiz , it is not necessary, because you can only reserve your place without having to look for companions to fill the boat in your seafaring experience in the Spanish Levante.
  • ⌚How much time do I need to travel the Levantine Coast by boat?

    From Sailwiz we recommend that you spend at least 5-6 days on board, planning a route as optimized as possible and allocating at least one day to get to know the beautiful Island of Tabarca.
  • ⚡Is it possible to go by boat from Denia to the Balearic Islands?

    Of course! It is a highly demanded journey that will not leave you indifferent, one of the best ways to get to know the Mediterranean. They normally go to Ibiza, being the closest point it only takes about 4 hours to get there. At Sailwiz we have many options, choose the one that suits you best depending on the dates.
  • ➡️ What is the best time to navigate the Levantine Coast?

    Without a doubt, in the summer months, from June to August, although also in the low season months it is a pleasant temperature for sailing.
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  • Sailing along the Levantine Coast

    The coastline that includes the Costa de Azahar, the Costa Valenciana and the Costa Blanca, is one of the preferred destinations for tourism in Spain. If you want to know all the details to be able to enjoy the best vacations sailing along the Levantine Coast, Sailwiz solves all your doubts.
  • Why go on a boat vacation along the Levantine Coast?

    The Levantine Coast is, together with the Balearic Islands , one of the favorite destinations to spend the summer in the Spanish Mediterranean. One of the vacation alternatives that the Spanish Levante offers is its great availability of offer for nautical activities of all kinds and boat rental. Although less known, this is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know the Spanish Mediterranean coast in all its splendor.

    Why? Because you will be always on the beachfront. Being one of the star vacation destinations of the summer has a main drawback: greater influx of people. If you want to put an end to that of taking long walks in the sun looking for a hole where to put the umbrella or go anywhere far from the shore under the disapproving gaze of your towel neighbor, and simply enjoy a vacation on the Costa Levantina , opt for boat. You will forget this type of problem, you will only have to worry about which beach you want to sunbathe on every day. Ah! And of course putting on sunscreen.
  • How much does it cost to navigate the Levantine Coast?

    The answer depends mainly on the type of activity you want to do, the type of boat, the duration of the trip, etc. The Levantine Coast offers all kinds of holiday suggestions by boat, from outings to watch the sunset or fishing trips of a few hours between €90-200 per person, to sailboat rentals, weekend cruises or sailings with lunch included. long term between €800-1200 for the complete boat.

    The advantage of the rental option is that the expenses are distributed among the capacity of the boat, usually between 8-10 crew members, so completing the places is quite affordable. However, other expenses not included must be taken into account, such as the skipper, the moorings or the final cleaning, which would also be distributed among the total number of crew members, so it can be very worthwhile.
  • The best places on the Costa Blanca to sail

    If you want to make your trip along the Costa Blanca even more special, the boat is the ideal option as it will allow you to discover wonderful corners of the area more comfortably. From Sailwiz we recommend some of the essential places to do a boat trip along the Levantine Coast:
    • Island of Tabarca. Just 8 km from Santa Pola, it is a must-see because in another life it was a refuge for barber pirates. This getaway is very worthwhile to see the remains of its walls, its beautiful seaport and eat the typical dish of the area, the tabarquino cauldron. The boat trip from the peninsula depends on the port of departure. If you leave from Santa Pola it barely lasts 25 minutes and it will allow you to enjoy the charm of the island without depending on schedules, since through the contracting of scheduled boat excursions you can only enjoy it until 5:45 p.m. in the afternoon and get to know other surrounding areas such as the islets of La Galera, La Cantera and La Nao.

    • Cala Granadella. Located in Jávea and chosen as one of the most beautiful on the Costa Levantina, it is also one of the most frequented in summer. This cove is highly recommended for those sailors who want to stop to anchor and practice snorkeling, because its crystal clear waters allow you to see its seabed clearly. Also in autumn and spring it is ideal for sailing without forgetting the wetsuit and exploring it carefully. Do not miss it!

    • Cala Moraig. You cannot leave the Costa Blanca without stopping in Benitachell to enjoy this wonder of nature. In this particular cove there is a very special place where the salty waters of the marine currents converge with fresh water, giving rise to the Cueva de los Arcos. Anchor on its cliff coastline and dive in to see for yourself the sensation of contrasts of hot and cold waters. A delight!
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