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Best deals on cruises and maritime courses from Sailway

Sailway | Sailing plans
Sailwiz brings you the best sailing plans and maritime course offerings from Sailway
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  • You like to sail? Sailway.

    Sailway is an academy and a nautical company of Vigo that offers various boat activities in Rías Baixas. Its main mission is aimed at educational work; in its function of being a nautical school, it offers all the courses and practices necessary to obtain the recreational qualifications of the current character in the Spanish legislation. In addition, aware of the incredible natural area that surrounds this area of Spain, Sailway also makes available to Sailwiz users various boat experiences to sail the Rías Baixas, especially highlighting the journeys to the Cíes Islands.
  • Services offered by Sailway

    - Practices of Radio PER in Vigo. Short Range Radio Operator Course (ROCA) mandatory to obtain the title of Recreation Skipper, as well as those of Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain. It consists of 4 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice, all to be done in an approved simulator and with the guarantee of reserving your place in Sailwiz.

    - PNB Motor Practices in Vigo. Navigation and Safety Practices of 8 hours necessary to obtain the nautical title of Basic Navigation Pattern (GNP), to be carried out in the seas of Vigo.

    - PER Motor Practices in Vigo. The compulsory Navigation and Safety Practice for the title of Recreational Boat Patron (PER) has a duration of 16 hours and you can reserve your place in Sailwiz.

    - PER extension practices in Vigo. If you have the PER title and want to make the nautical journey between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, in addition to governing boats of up to 24m in length, you need to carry out this 24-hour navigation practice.

    - Practices of PNB Radio in Vigo. The Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) radiocommunications course is carried out in an approved simulator of the Vigo school and consists of 4 hours, 2 theoretical training and 2 practices.

    - Sailboat route along the Rías Baixas. Four-day navigation through the best places of the southern Galician estuaries, visiting mythical cities like Baiona and making a special stop in Cíes Islands.

    - Coastal navigation course along Rías Bajas for 2 days. In addition to the official titles, in Sailwiz you can also reserve a place to take sailing courses that will allow you to enjoy greater navigation skills, such as this 36-hour coastal navigation course.

    - Practices for sailing training in Vigo. This practice of 16 hours of navigation is necessary to govern sailing ships if you already have the title of PNB, PER, Yacht Skipper or Yacht Captain.

    - PER classroom course in Vigo. Book your place in Sailwiz to take the Recreational Boat Skipper (PER) course by attending theoretical classes in the Vigo classroom and with the mandatory practices included in the price.

    - GNP course in Vigo. Attend in Vigo the theoretical course of preparation for the official Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) exam, title with which you can govern boats up to 8 meters in length at a distance of 5 miles from the coast.

    - One week sailing along the Rías Baixas. Six days of sailing on the Vigo, Pontevedra and Arousa estuaries, visiting the most beautiful cities and making life on board through exceptional natural places. Are you going to miss it? Book your place in Sailwiz and enjoy this boat experience.

    - Sailboat trip to the Cíes Islands. Sailing day from Vigo to the Cíes Islands, anchoring on the Playa de Rodas and visiting the southern island of San Martiño while tasting onboard various foods of traditional Galician cuisine.

    - Starlight in Cíes Islands. Watch the sunset in a fabulous setting like the Cies Islands, in this night navigation that we will make from Vigo to the natural area of the island to live a truly magical moment.

    - Camino de Santiago by sea from Vigo. Make the Camino de Santiago in a different way, aboard a sailboat. Book your place in Sailwiz to join this mythical adventure that will take you by sea from Vigo to the vicinity of Padrón, where we will complete the Camino on foot.

    - Course to obtain the Navigation License in Vigo. The basic qualification established by the Spanish regulation is the Navigation License, with which you can handle ships up to 6m in length 2 miles from the coast. Reserve your place in Sailwiz at the best price and also take advantage of special promotions to save on your next trips.
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