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Plans to sail April and May

Plan your sailing vacation in April and May
743 reviews
Plan where to go on a getaway or vacation in April and May- Take a look at all the plans we have for you! Enjoy sailing aboard a sailboat.
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User reviews about Plans to sail April and May
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The proposal is phenomenal: coastal navigation through the Cantabrian Sea and walking a stretch of the Camino de Santiago that is as beautiful as it is rarely traveled. The reality is even better. Jesús is an excellent sailor who cares about teaching those who are interested and making the journey pleasant to less nautical passengers. Great person, kind and loving. The boat is a good sailboat in an excellent state of maintenance, comfortable and perfect for demanding seas. In short, I would embark tomorrow again.
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Fernando September of 2022
Good organization, Skipper, boat, food, etc.

It's not the fault of the organizer, but unpresentable taxi driver
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It was our first trip and it has been an unforgettable experience. Israel and Nahna are magnificent people who have made us feel at home on their cozy boat. Israel transmits great knowledge and confidence, and we have learned a lot about navigation. We will follow their trail to continue sailing on the sailboat!
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From the first minute i got on board, i felt safe. Miki has everything 100% under control. The sea and boats are his total passion. The team was absolutely great, the food was great, the atmosphere was faboulous. I can't think of enything negative, it was just a wonderfull experience. Very recomendable 5 star quality.
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great boat!! spectacular chapters!! a great experience to repeat as soon as possible
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The experience of the crossing to Columbretes was excellent! Ignacio knows a lot, he enjoys sharing it and making us enjoy ourselves while we learn. This weekend we learned a lot, understanding and applying. And we have shared good moments, experiences and beautiful people. A great experience!
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