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Plans to sail May and June

Plan your sailing vacation in May and June
840 reviews
Plan where to go on a getaway or vacation in May and April - Take a look at all the plans we have for you! Enjoy sailing aboard a sailboat.
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User reviews about Plans to sail May and June
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Do not give it more laps. YES, it's with them. Reserve it and enjoy it. They watch over you; for your safety, enjoyment and learning.
It has been brutal. Until next time!
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It has been a very pleasant journey where I have felt as if the sailboat were my home for a few days. My expectations have been more than met. Ignacio is not only an experienced captain, but also knows how to pass on his knowledge. My personal and nautical curriculum has increased remarkably.
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My day with Luis was perfect! I am a woman traveling alone and I felt completely comfortable with Luis. He was attentive while also giving me lots of space to do my own thing. The islands were amazing and I was so glad to be on a sailboat instead of the ferry. I swam, paddled and relaxed at the islands. Perfect!
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An unforgettable experience thanks to David, he knows the area, the history, and has a lot of experience which transmits security. We really enjoyed ourselves, the whole family. Totally recommendable.
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A totally recommendable experience.
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Fran September of 2023
The walk was great. Carles is an excellent person with a lot of experience. The boat is very good and comfortable. Hopefully we can repeat soon!
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