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Tall Ship

Tall ship cruises for your next sailing adventure
Join us on board a Tall Ship and be a real member of the crew. Spend a few days or weeks living on board, taking part in the watch system and enjoying time to relax with the other crew members. A unique voyage on these beautiful, historic vessels.
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  • Would you like to experience a unique sailing trip on a tall ship?

    Imagine yourself sailing and enjoying the sea on a sailing ship. Now, if you like this image, you should try to get on board of a Tall Ship. It seems that traveling in a boat of more than 18 meters in length is something luxury within the reach of a few, however, this doesn't have to be true. Sailwiz offers you the possibility to make a unique cruise aboard these large and ancient sailboats around different parts of the world, because sailing in a Tall Ship is an option for everyone.

    Tall ships are a formidable type of sailboat. These classic globetrotting colossi can have different measures, they can even measure up to 67 meters in length. These traditional boats are characterized by their high masts and rigging, which include either square or knife sails (auric), and remind us of the old clippersthey even have more than 100 years old.

    They have capacity for 50 people, which allows a large number of passengers to join the crew. The number varies depending on the journey and the boat, but even if you get your feet wet alone or with company, in addition to living a unique experience, you will meet many new people with the same passion for the sea as you.

    For these crossings it is not necessary to have previous experience in navigation. As part of the crew, you will learn directly from our skippers, so you just have to let yourself go and enjoy this great adventure while you face new exciting challenges sailing the sea.
  • What can I do on a tall ship holiday with Sailwiz?

    You can do almost everything you can imagine. You will navigate the most amazing routes, visit new places, enjoy nature... some of the crossings even include activities such as fishing, diving or even practicing yoga.

    Our skippers offer you the opportunity to have a practical experience. You can choose to learn and be able to participate in all of the aspects of the life in a Tall Ship. But don't worry, if you're more interested in having a quiet and nonchalant trip you can always relax under the sun anywhere on the deck, at the bar, get lost in a good book, and, if you're lucky and they come to say hello, see dolphins and other marine animals.

    On board you will also meet many new people who will share your passion for the sea and adventure. In Sailwiz we give you the opportunity to choose how you want to live this experience. You will always be a valuable member of the crew and, no doubt, you will remember this experience all your life.
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