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Discover the Tall Ships and enjoy a unique experience

  • Laura Cárdenas
By Laura Cárdenas
16 January, 2020
Have you ever dreamed of living an adventure aboard a sailboat and feeling like a buccaneer aboard a pirate ship? Are you looking for breathtaking views and the tranquility of the sea, while you learn to navigate without giving up the comforts of the great boats?

Living an adventure aboard a large sailboat, such as a frigate, and experiencing the unique sensation of sailing the sea, both during a race and across the Atlantic, makes this interesting option a safe bet to enjoy and learn about navigation.
Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019
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  • What are Tall Ships and what types exist
  • Why you should embark
  • What types of trips can you find
  • How is the experience
  • Where to find them

What are Tall Ships and what types exist

The Tall Ships are a group of large vessels that vary in shape or size, but which coincide in a common feature: they are sailboats capable of being propelled by the wind. They are traditional high-mast ships, with rigs that include square and auric (or knife) sails. Among this type of ships we find schooners, brics, frigates and brigs.

The Tall Ships became popular during the twentieth century thanks to the Sail Training International (STI), but their use dates back to the fourteenth century. A ship widely used at the time was the nao, which originated from its ancestor, the medieval coca. These ships were so popular due to their reception in commerce. During the fifteenth century the famous caravels were competed, whose reputation is associated with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Tall Ships are more complex than modern ships, since the latter use materials such as aluminum and steel, and use fewer sails. In addition, the STI establishes requirements to distinguish Tall Ships from other training sailboats and classifies them into 4 groups. These large sailboats belong to group B, whose guidelines establish that a vessel must have more than 9.14 meters of flotation length, traditional auric rig and total hull length less than 40 meters in length.

Why you should embark

It is a unique and different experience, even if you already have sailing experience. It is not usual to find these boats in any port, and simply admiring them in the short distance fascinates all audiences. Many of these Tall Ships seem to belong to the past, but they are equipped with detail and have large spaces with a multitude of leisure and luxury options.

Of course, not everyone is the same or looking to give a similar experience; some aim at rest and comfort, while others are inclined to offer adventure and learning to passengers and crew. The proposals are numerous and adapt to the tastes of each client to make this an unrepeatable trip.
tall ship
Niklas Jahn's Tall Ship, where you can travel through the Caribbean

What types of trips can you find

Every trip is different! If you already have experience in sailing or, even on other tall ships, you will realize how different each trip is. Each voyage will offer you a very enriching experience and that you can share with the rest of the passengers and with the crew. You can always continue training. You have the possibility to relax while reading a book with a view, and to learn, by the hand of experts, how a Tall Ship is governed. However, there are two visions when embarking on a large sailboat: to enjoy as a passenger exclusively or be part of the project and get involved.

The latter involves helping certain tasks and learning to navigate. It also depends on how the sailboat is; its size and equipment will determine the type of passengers. Some Tall Ships are almost as big as a cruise ship, can accommodate around 200 passengers, and contain luxuries for the client to relax and enjoy the trip, such as libraries, spas and swimming pools. You can adapt to the schedule of a boat, such as breakfast hours, or ask the chefs for a gourmet dish at another time.

Other Tall Ships have capacity for 20 passengers, so it is more likely to exchange nautical knowledge between the crew and customers on board, although the technical team will always be happy to teach and open you to reciprocity of information and memories. Experience[b] is not a requirement [/b]when embarking on this adventure. You will also have a wide range of[b] [b] excursions and plans [/b][/b]to do when stops are made at the corresponding ports during the crossing. You can visit the nearby islands, their monuments, and taste the local food.

How is the experience

If you decide to collaborate during the crossing, you have to know what the day-to-day of a boat is like. A guard is made a day, consisting of two shifts of four hours each. During that time, the crew will teach you how the Tall Ship governs, as well as what work is necessary to maintain the operation of the ship and the pace of life of its crew and its passengers.

Get advice from Sailwiz and you will discover the entire travel offer and you can choose the Tall Ship that best suits you. There are numerous options , from tours such as races to vacations or more recreational expeditions. In addition, you can check the availability of dates and the duration of each trip.

One of the most important aspects of these experiences in Tall Ships is the sense of community that is created between the crew and the passengers, and the coexistence between all. During the crossing, there are many favorable moments to share stories and knowledge. This creates a very relaxed atmosphere and a very enriching atmosphere, both among passengers and experts, surrounded by unbeatable views of sunrises and sunsets with the beauty of the sea as the background.
big sailboat
Sunset on a large sailboat

Where to find them

On the Sailwiz website you can get all the information related to trips on Tall Ship. You can choose from numerous destinations, some of them in the Caribbean, the Azores or Madeira, Cape Verde or Bermuda.

Discover more and live this unique experience of sailing in Tall Ship by experienced skippers who can advise you, while you make new friends with other passengers.
  • Laura Cárdenas
    Laura Cárdenas
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