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Basic Maritime Safety Training Course - San Sebastián

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The coordinator: Floren
28 reviews

The specialty certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety is mandatory for the ship's crew personnel and those who wish to exercise professional functions on board, as well as those responsible for safety or pollution prevention, aspects related to the operations of the ship. vessel.

In addition, as established by Royal Decree 238/2019, this certificate is one of the requirements established by law to work in the nautical sector if you have the titles of Recreation Skipper (PER), Yacht Skipper or Yacht Captain.

This course is divided into four modules: survival at sea; fire prevention and fighting; first aid and personal safety; and social responsibilities. Its aim is to impart basic knowledge of safety to prevent and face the different dangerous situations that may occur on board the ship.

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Course hours:
Theory - Monday to Friday from 08.30 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.
Practices - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of the course (25 hours between the 3 days)

The course program is as follows:

Module 1: Survival at sea in case of abandonment of the ship
- Types of emergency situations that may occur (collisions, fires, subsidence ...)
- Life-saving devices for ships and survival craft equipment
- Location of personal rescue devices
- Principles related to survival: usefulness of training and exercises
- Personal protective equipment, need to be prepared for any emergency
- Measures to be taken in case of abandonment of the boat, action in the water
- Measures on board the survival craft, main dangers for survivors

Module 2: First aid
- Assessment of the needs of the victims and the threats to their own personal safety
- Knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body
- Understanding of the immediate measures to be taken in emergencies
- Place the victim in a suitable posture, apply resuscitation techniques, control bleeding
- Take appropriate measures to treat elementary cases of shock
- Take the appropriate measures in case of burns, scalds, accidents caused by electric current
- Rescue and transport a victim
- Improvise bandages and use the material from the first aid kit

Module 3: Prevention and fight against fires and extinction
- Location of fire fighting devices and escape routes in case of emergency
- Elements of fire and explosion (the fire triangle)
- Types and sources of ignition
- Flammable materials and risks of fire starting and spreading
- Measures to be taken on board ships, need for constant vigilance
- Fire and smoke detection, automatic alarm systems
- Classification of fires and extinguishing agents that can be used
- Fire fighting equipment and its location on board
- Use of personal and fire fighting equipment, fixtures, procedures and methods
- Respiratory equipment for fire fighting and rescue operations

Module 4: Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
- Comply with emergency procedures
- Precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment
- Safety at work
- Effective communications on board ships
- Human relations on board
- Fatigue, effects of physical stressors on seafarers
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Additional information
The duration of the course is 70 hours: 45 theoretical content and 25 hours of practice. The course is taught in person and it is necessary to attend at least 90% of the theoretical hours and all the practical hours.

This certificate is valid for five years. Before its expiration, it is important to renew it in any maritime captaincy. To do so, it is necessary to comply with one of the following requirements:
- Accredit three months of boarding in the last year of validity of the certificate, performing tasks related to it.
- Have a year of boarding in the five years since the issuance of the certificate, performing tasks related to it.

If the certificate expires, it will be necessary to carry out an update course of 16 hours, without having to complete the entire course again. This refresher course has a price of 290 euros.

The program complies with the Official Resolution of June 18, 2013 (Amendments of Manila 2010), of the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, by which they update and modify the training courses and their programs, included in the Order FOM / 2296/2002 of September 4, in compliance with the STCW Convention 78/95.
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Meet Floren, the coordinator
28 reviews
The sea is the clearest expression I know about freedom. Browse wherever you want without having to answer to anyone.
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28 users have valued the coordinator
  • Curso de Formación Básica Seguridad Marítima - San Sebastián
    September 2021
    I learned a lot ... the teachers are great
  • Prácticas de Ampliación PER en Getaria (Costa Vasca)
    August 2021
    It was all great
  • Prácticas de Ampliación PER en Getaria (Costa Vasca)
    August 2021
    Excellent journey. Review of Nautical concepts, theory and practice. Absolutely recommended.
    If there is something to complain about, it is not having had better time, but ... this is the Cantabrian.
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