Tall Ship

Tall ship cruises for your next sailing adventure
Join us on board a Tall Ship and be a real member of the crew. Spend a few days or weeks living on board, taking part in the watch system and enjoying time to relax with the other crew members. A unique voyage on these beautiful, historic vessels.
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What is a tall ship cruise?

A tall ship is a traditionally-rigged sailing vessel, appearing much more complex than modern rigs. Tall ships may have square rigs or gaff rigs and they are defined as having a waterline length of more than 30 feet (9.14 m). Square rigging is an arrangement where the primary driving sails are held by horizontal spars perpendicular to the mast and gaff rigging is an arrangement where a horizontal and angled spar adjusts the sail.

The tall ship that you have the opportunity to sail at Sailwiz has 4 masts and is 68 meters in length. This immense ship has the capacity for 50 passengers, allowing for a large number of passengers to join the existing crew on board for tall ship cruises.

What are the Tall Ships Races?

The Tall Ships Races are races held exclusively for tall ships which give people the chance to sail and receive training on a large ship. The races bring people together from all over the world and are designed to encourage friendship in this vast group of sailors. Races are held every year around Europe and consist of two legs that cross hundreds of nautical miles. It is required that half of the people participating are young people aged 15 to 25 as the hope is to get more young people involved in sailing.

What can I do on a tall ship holiday with Sailwiz?

The experiences you can find on Sailwiz for tall ship sailing give you the chance to really learn and become a part of the crew. It is not required, but you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience sailing a tall ship and the crew will teach you everything you need to know to be a valuable member of the crew.

The tall ship sailing activities you can find on Sailwiz have 36 spots listed, meaning you will meet many people with the same interests as you! You will meet people who love adventure and being on the water and you can get to know them on board in the time that you are not assisting with sailing tasks. Read in a nice nook, try fishing with a new friend or head to the bar for a drink where you can tell and hear stories about other sailing adventures.

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