Atlantic crossing by boat

Cross the Atlantic by sail
Have you ever dreamed of doing the Atlantic crossing by sailboat? Two or three weeks on the high seas between Europe and the Americas. Experience the adventure of crossing the Atlantic with other crew members where you will enjoy an authentic sailing experience to remember forever.
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You've always dreamed of crossing the Atlantic, but you've never dared. Now is the time to make that dream a reality. You do not need experience, just a desire for the adventure of sailing across the Atlantic

Crossing the Atlantic aboard a sailboat: start of the season

The season to sail across the Atlantic starts in early winter in Europe. Many sailors leave to cross the ocean and reach the shores of the Caribbean. This journey requires great preparation and planning as it's many days at sea without touching land and it's necessary to consider tips and recommendations for a successful trip.

There are no specific tactics necessary to sail across the Atlantic, just follow the basic rules of navigation. Necessary provisioning consists of water, food, fuel and a navigation chart showing the entire ocean.

What dates do the voyages from Europe depart across the Atlantic?

In October and November, typically more ships depart from Europe to take advantage of the season in the Caribbean.

From what ports do they leave to cross the Altantic?

Most of the ships that make the Atlantic crossing depart from the southern coasts of Spain and Portugal, the Canary Islands, Madeira and Cape Verde.

What route do the Atlantic crossings leaving Europe follow?

The usual route journeys across the Atlantic from southern Europe to the Caribbean through the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and then to the Caribbean ports.

What are the main dangers of crossing the Atlantic?

The main danger of crossing the Atlantic by sailboat is the possibility for tropical storms and hurricanes. We must travel outside the time when these meteorological phenomena occur.

How difficult is sailing across the Atlantic?

The Atlantic crossing is a high level sailing activity where it is essential to plan the route to minimize the possibility of encountering bad weather. It's important to trace the route to sail with favorable winds and currents, but a motivated person with desire for adventure is more than capable of joining the crew of one of these boats.

When do Atlantic crossings depart from the Caribbean?

Atlantic crossings from the Caribbean to Europe usually take place between April and June.

What route do the Atlantic crossings from the Caribbean follow?

The usual route journeys across the Atlantic from the Caribbean through Bermuda, the Azores and then arriving at mainland ports.

How much fuel is needed to cross the Atlantic?

Normally, a greater supply of fuel is needed for voyages departing from the Caribbean because the anticyclone of the Azores in summer can cause the wind to die, making it necessary to motor rather than sail.
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