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Course offered by Laura

12 days
Available in Spanish
The Certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety will enable you to work in maritime professions aboard any type of vessel. Obtaining it is mandatory if you wish to obtain the Professional Recreational Vessel Pattern (PPER) and it is one of the attached qualifications that are required to perform certain professional services if you are a holder of the title of Recreational Vessel Pattern (PER), Yacht Pattern o Captain of the Yacht.
The course that allows you to get this certificate is taught in an approved academy in Alicante. It will train you to acquire the necessary knowledge with which you will be able to carry out organization and supervision tasks in safety and emergencies on board a vessel, as established by the STCW95 training agreement.
The Certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety has an international validity of 5 years since its obtaining and is approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.
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  • Escuela homologada por la DGMM 1-5
  • Plan
    The course consists of a total of 70 hours, 45 theoretical and 25 practical.

    For the classroom course of 45 hours of theory we will follow the following modules:

    one-. Survival module at sea in case of abandonment of the ship.
    1.1 Types of emergency situations that may occur.
    1.2 Life-saving devices of ships and boat equipment
    1.3 Location of personal rescue devices.
    1.4 Principles related to survival
    1.5 Personal protective equipment, need to be prepared before any emergency
    1.6 Measures to be taken in case of abandonment of the ship, action in the water
    1.7 Measures aboard the survival vessel, main dangers for survivors

    2-. Module of Prevention and Fight against Fires and Extinction.
    2.1 Flammable materials and risks of a fire occurring and spreading
    2.2 Location of fire fighting devices and evacuation routes in case of emergency
    2.3 Fire fighting equipment and its location on board
    2.4 Elements of fire and explosion (the triangle of fire)
    2.5 Types and sources of ignition
    2.6 Fire and smoke detection, automatic alarm systems
    2.7 Measures to be taken on board ships, the need for constant vigilance
    2.8 Use of personal and fire fighting equipment, fixed installations, procedures and methods
    2.9 Classification of fires and extinguishing agents that can be used

    3-. First Aid Module.
    3.1 Assessment of victims' needs and threats to their own personal safety
    3.2 Place the victim in a proper posture, apply resuscitation techniques, control bleeding
    3.3 Rescue and transport a victim
    3.4 Understanding the immediate measures to be taken in emergencies
    3.5 Take appropriate measures in case of burn, scald, accidents caused by electric current
    3.6 Knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body
    3.7 Take appropriate measures to treat elementary cases of shock

    4-. Personal Security and Social Responsibilities Module
    4.1 Comply with emergency procedures
    4.2 Precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment
    4.3 Workplace safety
    4.4 Effective communications on board ships
    4.5 Human relations on board
    4.6 Fatigue, effects of physical stress factors on seafarers

    Regarding the 25-hour practices, the program will be as follows:

    Practice Module 1 (12 hours)
    - Placement of life jackets, placement and use of an immersion suit, use of a life raft and pyrotechnic rescue equipment.

    Practice Module 2 (7 hours)
    - Fire extinguishing using different extinguishing agents, use of portable fire extinguishers. Firefighting practices how to use autonomous respiratory protection equipment.

    Practice Module 3 (6 hours)
    - Assessment of the victim. Choking and cardiac arrest, hemorrhage, crashes, trauma, rescue and transport of an accident, use of a medical kit and medical radio consultation.
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Other information
If you have the expired certificate, you can take the Update course that costs € 375. To revalidate your certificate it is necessary to prove that you have been sailing on merchant ships for at least 12 months in the last 5 years, or 3 months during the 6 months immediately prior to revalidation, in any case performing any of the related professional tasks With this certificate.
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I manage the realization of practical courses for the obtaining of licenses and nautical degrees, as well as crossings.
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5 · 81 reviews

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    October of 2023
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    August of 2023
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    August of 2023
    Good afternoon, the assessment has been very good, the experience has been adjusted to what was offered. I also want to highlight the experience of the skipper and the comfort of the boat.
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  • avatar
    July of 2023
    Highly recommended. You learn a lot with the boss by doing the practice privately.
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  • avatar
    June of 2023
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  • avatar
    June of 2023
    Everything very well organized
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  • What is the schedule for this course? at morning or evening?
    • The schedule is usually the first week in the afternoon and the second week in the morning.
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      By Laura, 3 months ago

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