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Basic Training Course in Maritime Safety in Barcelona

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Coordinator: Magda

Possession of the Certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety will be required for all personnel who exercise professional maritime functions on civil ships, as well as those who are entrusted with security or pollution prevention tasks related to the operations of the ship. vessel, by virtue of the Vessel Obligations and Instructions, the Onboard Emergency Plan in the event of Oil Pollution or the Safety Management Manual.

The Basic Maritime Safety Training course trains the student in the necessary knowledge to organize and control safety and emergencies on board with the STCW95 Training Agreement.

Number of hours: 70 h. (45 theoretical + 25 practical)

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The Basic Maritime Safety Training program consists of four modules:

- Survival at sea in case of abandonment of the ship.
- Prevention and fight against fires.
- Minimum standards of competence in first aid.
- Safety at work and social responsibilities.
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Additional information
What is the course for?

It is used to obtain a Maritime Specialty Certificate granted by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (DGMM) and endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) belonging to the United Nations.

This Certificate is based on a teaching system common to most countries, called the Training Code or Convention, established in an assembly and called STCW 95.

This Certificate of Basic Training in Maritime Safety is the first requirement to work on a ship or on any type of vessel. To carry out a specific task, we must also obtain other certificates or other nautical titles appropriate to the function to be performed.
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Meet Magda, the coordinator
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