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Menorca by sailboat: sustainable tourism

  • Carlos and Aroa
By Patterns Carlos and Aroa
7 March, 2022
Many times we do not consider traveling or sailing outside the summer months depending on the destinations. We, Carlos and Aroa, two professional skippers, want to make you aware of the advantages of sailing around Menorca outside of the high season , during the winter and spring months.
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  • Sailing on a sailboat around Menorca in low season
  • Sustainable tourism in Menorca
  • Camí de Cavalls. Hiking on the historic route.
  • Menorca, Starlight Reserve
  • A trip around Menorca sailing on a sailboat and hiking

Sailing on a sailboat around Menorca in low season

Menorca is one of those destinations that is worth visiting in low season. At this time is when we can most enjoy the authenticity and tranquility that this incredible island offers us.

Find that solitude that makes us connect with nature, truly living an experience of disconnection where the only thing that matters is the sea and where time ceases to exist. Navigate away from crowds. Find solitary anchorages in paradisiacal coves and incredibly crystal clear waters, with infinite varieties of blue tones. Green fields, paths full of flowers of all colors and in the background only the sound of the sea and the song of the birds. Peace, tranquility and winter landscapes that make you fall in love with Menorca even more.
Sustainable tourism on a sailboat anchoring in Cala Macarelleta
Sustainable tourism on a sailboat anchoring in Cala Macarelleta

Sustainable tourism in Menorca

Menorca in spring is a different paradise, without crowds. This island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, which means that it is very important to maintain a balance between human activity and the environment and this is achieved through sustainable development.

Tourism has a very important role of responsibility here. As visitors, if we want to help our trip cause the least possible impact on the island, we can choose to visit it during the spring season, even in winter. As travellers, choosing less crowded destinations, reducing our pressure on the environment, is in our hands. In addition to choosing the destination, we can choose how we are going to visit it. In this way, together, we can truly promote sustainable tourism.
Navigator hiking in Cala Turqueta (Menorca)
Navigator hiking in Cala Turqueta (Menorca)

We offer you a different way of getting to know the island with a low environmental impact. Tour it by sea and by land, sailing on a sailboat and skirting its historic paths on foot in an excursion in stages that surrounds the entire island. ​​Traveling around Menorca by sailboat generates less impact on the environment than other types of trips. We sail powered by sail, trying to make very limited use of the engine and responsible consumption of resources such as water or energy. And when we go ashore, we tour the island on foot, responsibly. This allows our impact on the destination to be less and we manage to reduce our ecological footprint, which would otherwise be greater.

Camí de Cavalls. Hiking on the historic route.

In Menorca there is a path called "Camí de Cavalls " of 185 kilometers that surrounds the island. This path is included in the European long-distance routes (GR223) and can be done in different stages, according to the levels or preferences of each one. It is a historic trail that has been recovered, and is perfect for lovers of hiking, although it can also be covered in other modalities such as mountain biking.
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Menorca, Starlight Reserve

It must be said that Menorca was declared a Starlight Reserve in 2019. This means that it is one of those places where you can best observe the stars.

Thanks to the low light pollution, the quality of the Menorcan sky has been valued and cataloged within the Starlight destinations. The possibility of contemplating the night sky from our boat will be a unique experience. Thus, Menorca is also a starry paradise that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

A trip around Menorca sailing on a sailboat and hiking

Getting to know Menorca by sailboat , sailing along its coast and following this path is a proposal that you cannot miss.

Sailing days can be combined with hiking days to get to know the island from all its perspectives. The stages can be adapted to all levels of hikers. At the end of each stage, in one of its paradisiacal coves, surrounded by an incredible landscape, our sailboat will wait for us where we can continue enjoying the sea. Relax on board, take a bath, enjoy a good dinner to get your strength back... and continue enjoying your destination, since at sunset, another spectacle of nature awaits us.
Sailboat anchored in Menorca with wonderful views of Cala Macarella
Sailboat anchored in Menorca with wonderful views of Cala Macarella

Touring Menorca by sea and by land allows you to discover the variety of landscapes that the island offers. Diverse and wonderful landscapes. The north coast, with reddish tones, spectacular cliffs and virgin and wild beaches. The south coast, with blue and turquoise colored coves surrounded by pine forests or the eastern part of the island, with slate gray colors and lunar landscapes far from any population.

Our proposal is 8 stages to be able to make the complete return to the island and enjoy the best sections by sea and by land. Navigation stages are combined with hiking stages, where at the beginning and at the end of each stage, the sailboat with which we are going to sail drops us off and picks us up. If we want to do this hiking route, the sailboat provides us with very good logistics to be able to do it.
Hiking route in Cami de Cavalls to skirt the Menorcan coast on foot
Hiking route in Cami de Cavalls to skirt the Menorcan coast on foot

The path is not equipped with hostels or any type of accommodation for hikers during the route and there is also no good transport network, which makes it even more difficult to follow the route with continuity. The sailboat provides us with the solution of that logistics. It will be our accommodation at the end of each stage, and our transportation during our holidays in Menorca.

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    Patterns Carlos and Aroa
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