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Sardinia by boat

Sailing holidays to Sardinia
144 reviews
Discover Sardinia by boat, where you will see the beautiful white sand beaches, and its untouched and wild nature.
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User reviews about Sardinia by boat
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Carles July of 2023
There have been a few precious days of crossing to Sardenya, in the first half of August 2023. I value the nautical knowledge of the skipper, Alfons, along with the utmost prudence, culture and good manners, with the entire crew. We would have liked to sail more under sail, but the weather did not recommend it. Bon vaixell!
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Guillermo September of 2021
It was a nice experience! They are beautiful people, and the price is really good. A thousand thanks!
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Francesc Xavier August of 2023
Everything went very well, the sailboat in perfect condition. In addition to Alfons, Gonzalo was also "second" and we had a very pleasant time. For those who like to anchor, swim and explore beautiful coves.
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I have spent the best week of my life with my son, Sandra, Donald, Michael, Jeff, and with the best Captain Riccardo who was wonderful! A professional, a good cook and above all a unique sympathy! And we met incredible places!
Fantastic sailing!
Thank you Ricardo!
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  • Sardinia is one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean, this Italian island is synonymous with good weather and beautiful coasts. It has magnificent landscapes consisting of mountains, grottos and bays of turquoise waters.

    Sardinia is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, with a mainly mountainous territory, without high peaks, Sardinia gives the visitor a unique, soft and rough natural environment at the same time. In fact, the presence of the human being is occasional in this territory: there are large areas that remain magically intact, inhabited by deer, wild horses and raptors, rich in forests with ancient trees, ponds and small desert areas.

  • How to travel to Sardinia by boat?

    The best way to get to Sardinia is by boat. In this way you can appreciate its clear waters and a turquoise water color. Sailwiz has several options for you to travel to Sardinia.
  • What will you see on your trip to Sardinia by boat?

    - Sardinia Islands: Sardinia by boat is the best option to get to know its clear waters and enjoy the bath in the most suggestive coves and beaches.

    - Nature: Sardinia has totally virgin places. It probably has the best coasts around the world

    - Culture and Patrimony: The island of Sardinia is not only known for its spectacular landscapes, but also this island presents the traveler with a rich historical and cultural heritage in its flirtatious cities and its surroundings. Sardinia boasts archeological ruins and nuragas, those stone constructions that left us antiquity.
  • How to get to Sicily by boat?

    Sicily is the main Italian island and the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Sicily is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina. Both the main island and those around it are of volcanic origin.

    Of exceptional beauty and very diverse, the seven islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago provide magnificent attractions, such as the hectic Strómboli crater or the green vineyards of Salina, although its greatest attraction may reside in its leisurely cadence: with hardly any cars and nothing of stress, it seems a world apart from the rest of Sicily.

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