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Yoga retreats sailing

Yoga vacation plans on sailboats
If there is a special place to enjoy a yoga retreat to breathe and reconnect with nature, that is the sea. Recover your energy and improve your physical and mental health aboard a sailing boat. Connect with yourself, feel the sound of the wind and the waves. Live the best yoga vacation of your life.
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  • Yoga aboard a sailboat

    We all have bad days, but when this becomes usual, it is probably because you need a change of air , do new things and renew energy.
    In Sailwiz we are concerned about the health of our users, so we have published a selection of plans to navigate and do yoga on board with the purpose of moving them away from routine , enemy of productivity, clear thinking, creativity and concentration.
  • What is a yoga retreat sailing?

    The sea transmits calm, suggests freedom and full of vitality to those who can enjoy it, while yoga provides multiple benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level . The combination of both will make you enjoy a different vacation, connecting with nature and obtaining the best feelings of peace and well-being.
    During the retreat, you can practice meditation and yoga on spectacular beaches with qualified instructors, bathe in crystal clear waters whenever you feel like it, enjoy incredible sunsets and sunrises and get to know different places thanks to the ship's crew.
  • Benefits of doing yoga at sea
    1. Reduce stress levels
    The sea allows to create new neural connections that activate more energy channels, thus achieving a more relaxed body and the feeling of being in tune with more energy channels.

    2. Connect with yourself
    Doing yoga by sailing will make you avoid everything that surrounds you, getting a greater concentration through breathing and postural work.

    3. Solar energy
    Sunlight will provide us with vitamin D and help us absorb calcium, responsible for blood pressure, stress, tension, relieve pain, muscle spasms, fight infections and improve the immune system.

    4. Feeling of well-being
    Being in the middle of the sea, listening to the waves and feeling the breeze is one of the best sensations that a person can experience.

    5. Break with the routine
    Leaving every day for a few days will be an enriching and stimulating experience to face the following days. Focus on the sound of the sea and create harmony between the body, breath and nature.

    Dare you to live this fascinating experience with Sailwiz? Do not think more and get on board to practice yoga on a sailboat. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team, we will be happy to find the activity that best suits you!
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