Sailboat vacation

Sailboat excursions to explore beautiful destinations
Climb aboard for a sailing adventure of a day, weekend or week! Share your desire to sail with people like you. Experience life on board, relax and unwind in the sunshine or head ashore to explore the unique charms of the area, certainly known by your skipper!

How are sailing holidays?

Sailing holidays represent a different way of traveling. They are an immersion in nature, since much of the time is spent sailing, enjoying the sea, the sun, the wind or the stars at night.

The boat operates as a vehicle and an accommodation. In addition, it permits you to reach places inaccessible by other means. It also allows you to explore places from the sea and approach them with ease.

Do I need experience to sail on a sailboat?

No sailing experience is necessary, but if you want to learn about navigation you are in the right place. If you do have some experience as a sailor, it is welcome as well.

For Sailwiz experiences, you can book an individual spot and enjoy a cruise sailing with others who have also booked their spots. The experience is highly rewarding in most cases.

What do I take with me on the sailboat?

It is recommended not to carry much luggage, avoiding hard suitcases if possible, since the space inside the boat is very small. Ideally you bring a medium sized sports bag. The shoes should be non-slip rubber, and preferably with a white sole so as to not stain the deck. It may also be useful to have a light raincoat, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. It is a vacation after all!

How is life organized on a sailboat?

The sailing trips must be carried out with a willingness to live with other people in a very confined space. It is desirable to have an attitude of collaboration to assist in the necessary tasks and maintain order on the boat.
It is necessary to note that water consumption must be controlled to ensure supply for all the crew members, as the storage tanks have capacity limit.

As for meals on board, most often all the crew members pool money to buy supplies at the ports. Everyone's collaboration in the cooking and washing of dishes is also necessary.
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