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Nautical Titulin | Navigation License
We have selected the best recreational sailing schools in Spain. Choose the destination you prefer, get the nautical title and start sailing.
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  • Advantages of getting your titulín through Sailwiz

    Sailwiz has contacted the best nautical academies in the country to obtain the titulin in several locations. The nautical schools that offer in Sailwiz have official permits and their courses are taught by professional employers. In Sailwiz you can buy your title course with the minimum price guaranteed.

  • What is the titulin?

    It is a license, regulated by Royal Decree 875/2014, which regulates nautical titles for the government of pleasure boats, which allows small boats to be carried and allows us to do coastal navigation during the day.

    Until 2015, the titulín was issued by the sailing and motorboat federations. Its official name was federative authorization, but it has always been known as "Titulín". The official name today is Navigation License . So when you read Navigation License or Titulín, keep in mind that they are the same thing.
  • What powers does the nautical Titulín have?

    The titulín, allows to take pleasure boats, of up to 6 meters of length, during the day and at a maximum distance of the line of the coast of 2 miles. It also allows us to carry nautical bikes without a power limit.
  • What is the price of the ship's title?

    The cost of the title varies depending on the place of the school, the practice boat, the month of the year and especially the ratio between students per instructor. Most schools move at a price of approximately 100 to 200 euros.

    There are some additional costs, which are: the necessary medical certificate (similar to that of drivers), travel to school and the ship and the issuance of the license.

    What are the requirements to obtain the Titulín?

    The requirements to obtain the title are:
    - Be 18 years old. Or be 16 years old and deliver a parental or guardian authorization to the school.
    - Take a 2-hour course at an official nautical school.
    - Carry out safety and navigation practices of 4 hours in a boat of an approved nautical school.

    Do you have to pass an exam to get the title?

    No, it is not necessary to take any exam, to attend the hours of the theoretical course and to realize the regulatory practices of navigation in an approved nautical school is sufficient.

    How is the Titulín validated with the new license?

    Titulín is known as the federal licenses granted by the federations of sailing and jet skis, but from the entry into force of Royal Decree 875/2014, nautical schools can also issue official licenses. The name of the title is a Navigation License and people who are in possession of a federative license can validate the Titulín simply by performing the 4 hours of mandatory safety and navigation practice on the new license.
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