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RYA Courses

Royal Yachting Association courses
86 reviews
The nautical courses of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) are the most recognized worldwide. The training programs are very practical and effective for students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate.

There are courses for all levels and types of navigation. The RYA certifies recreational boaters around the world and also issues the certificates of competence with professional qualifications, valid for sailing in many countries around the world.
Frequent questions
  • ⭐ What is RYA?
    The Royal Yachting Association is the body of the United Kingdom that has delegated the development of training programs and the issuance of certificates to sailors, through its approved centers.
  • ✅ Are RYA certificates internationally valid?
    Yes, the RYA is highly prestigious and its certificates are internationally recognized, which will make it easier for you to navigate or rent boats in other countries.
  • ➡️ Can I sail with a RYA certificate in Spain?
    Currently, Spanish regulations do not allow citizens of Spanish nationality to navigate as a skipper with a RYA certificate. On the contrary, those who can prove their residence in the United Kingdom at the time they obtained the certificate can do so.
  • ✍ What certificates of competence can we find in the RYA?
    The certificates of competence that can be obtained are the following: RYA Advanced PowerboaT; RYA Yachtmaster Coastal; RYA Yachtmaster Offshore; RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.
  • ⚡ How much does a RYA course cost?
    The price of a RYA course varies widely. The difference depends on the area, the type of course and the quality of the school.
  • ❗ How many cruise sailing courses are there in the RYA?
    The most common cruising sailing courses are Competent crew; Day Skipper; Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster.
User reviews about RYA courses
Average grade
I feel so lucky to have found Cathy and her Trafalgar Sailing school. There is absolutely no end to her availability and willingness to make sure my Day Skipper experience was fulfilling. Incredible instructors (quite hilarious), wonderful boats, and Gibraltar is perfect for wind and experience.
Thank you, Cathy!!!
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Hi. We had a great week with four us on board. Ian was the consummate professional in training us, he was great fun and we couldn't recommend him more highly.
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Valentina September of 2020
I applied for the competent crew course as a real beginner.
It's been an amazing experience; Fabrizio, the instructor, is a very well organized person, able to let you learn whatever is in your capabilities.
I'm glad I got this experience, I'll be more confident with sailboats from now on, and I know that with this RYA course my approach will be more professional
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Manuela October of 2022
Communication with the front office was punctual and clear. Our very trained, professional and empathetic instructor Fabrizio helped us in every phase of the training so that we could get the best possible result. From a technical point of view, which is the focus in such an activity, excellent experience.
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Iñigo November of 2021
People of this school have an incredible navigation experience and they transmit it by mentoring us in all the work on the boat: testing engine, planning route, triming, controling wheel and docking or undocking.
My problem was my English to take advantage of the experience despite the patience of Ian and the tripu.
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Jose Antonio December of 2023
A crossing to Ceuta from Gibraltar on a Bavaria is a unique experience. The captain is a genius, who knows what he is doing and makes you have a good time. With winds of more than 30 knots and waves of more than 3 meters, he remained calm and safe on board at all times. I learned a lot and had more fun. Recommendable!
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  • What is the Royal Yachting Association (RYA)?

    The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is a United Kingdom organization of recognized international prestige that grants sailors certification of their knowledge before foreign authorities, as well as procedures in foreign rental or insurance companies.

    The Royal Yachting Association has more than 2,400 centers , between schools and clubs, recognized all over the world. In addition, more than a million people a year pass through its centers, from adults to children, who are introduced to sailing.
  • ¿Qué cursos puedo obtener en la RYA?

    The Royal Yachting Assocition has a full range of training , from recreational sailing, introductory dinghy programs to sport sailing. Even so, the most common nautical courses in the RYA for cruising sailing are:
    • Competent crew.
    • Day Skipper.
    • Coastal Skipper.
    • Yachtmaster.
    On the other hand, the RYA also issues certificates that prove the experience and competence of sailors and that are internationally recognized:
    • RYA Advanced Powerboat.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.
    If you want to know more about these courses, we recommend that you read the guide ' Learning to sail with courses from the RYA, Royal Yachting Association ', which we have on the Sailwiz blog.
  • Can I work as a skipper with a RYA course?

    The "Commercial Endorsment" is a requirement to work on British flag pleasure craft. This is a complement that can be added to the following certificates of competence to provide them with professional qualification:
    • RYA Advanced Powerboat Certificate of competence.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of competence.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of competence.
    • RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of competence
  • Are RYA certificates internationally valid?
    In general, yes, the RYA enjoys great prestige and its certificates are internationally recognized, which will make it easier for you to navigate or rent boats in other countries . This is not the case in Spain, since current regulations do not allow citizens of Spanish nationality to navigate as skipper with an RYA certificate , except for those who can prove their residence in the United Kingdom at the time they obtained the license. certificate.

    That is why before taking a RYA course we advise you to review the legislation that governs the country in which you are going to navigate , since each one has its own regulations.
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