Cabin charter sailing holidays

Enjoy a sailing holiday spot by spot in your favorite destinations.
Cabin charter for your sailing holiday. Choose your destination and the dates you want to travel. Enjoy the sea, the sun and the breeze without complications. We have various sailing holidays by spot.
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Cabin charter sailing holidays

The possibility of going on a sailing holiday without owning a boat, without having to rent one, and without knowledge of sailing, a world of possibilities is opened to many people. Another great advantage of cabin chartering is the lowered price because, on trips sold by spot, the travel expenses are shared with the rest of the crew members.

What are the usual expenses on a sailing cruise?

Usually the costs of mooring and anchoring, fuel and food are shared. Cabin charter holidays are perfect for people traveling alone because they can have the experience with others. It's also a good idea for small groups who fail to fill all the spots on a boat and do not want to pay the price of the full boat.

What destinations have cabin charter trips?

Destinations and activities for cabin charter sailing are varied, covering the entire Spanish coast and islands, as well as areas of Greece, Croatia, Morocco, France, the Caribbean and Asia. The travel time is very variable, from departures to sail for a single day to Atlantic cruises lasting a month.

On the Sailwiz website, you can find cabin charters, weekend getaways, longer getaways of 3 or 4 days, single-day sailing excursions, fishing trips, liveaboard diving cruises, etc.

How are cabin charter sailing holidays?

Usually on these cruises, a route is traced and followed as much as possible, depending on the weather and the interests of the crew. They explore charming places during the day and the boat is moored at night in port or anchored in coves.

This way of travling is a unique opportunity that brings many positive things together, like meeting new people, sharing experiences and living in nature. It is also ideal for traveling with friends, with family or as a couple.

In many cruises you have the option to aid in the navigation tasks, so you can hone your nautical knowledge and your experience if you wish. This extra is an incentive for many users with maritime qualifications, but without the minimum experience sufficient to govern a boat on their own.
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